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This document covers basic family law relating to marriage, including: What is marriage?

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What are the requirements for marriage? What kinds of marriages are there? What are prenuptial agreements?

What are the legal rights and duties of marriage? Magistrate Court Forms.

Divorce in Gwinnett

L aw H elp. Hide Visit. When the parties are in total agreement regarding the terms of the divorce, the settlement agreement and related documents will need to be drafted in a legal format that the court will approve.

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The drafting of the documents required for an uncontested divorce can be quite difficult for an non-lawyer. Even an inexperienced lawyers will frequently make minor if not serious mistakes in drafting uncontested divorce documents. This is especially true when minor children are involved. If your divorce case is important to you — hire an experienced professional uncontested divorce attorney. The divorce attorneys at Coleman Legal Group, LLC have negotiated and drafted numerous of simple and complex divorce agreements that the courts have approved — and most without a court hearing ever being necessary.

Most but not all uncontested divorces can be finalized within sixty 60 days of the filing of the case. Sometimes a final hearing in court will be necessary. Fortunately, where a final hearing is required, only the person requesting the divorce is required to attend and the hearings are usually short and end with the divorce being granted.

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Our attorneys work with tax lawyers, experts, accountants and financial planners to help you formulate, negotiate and complete a divorce agreement that is truly in your best interest — now and in the future. We also assist with simple divorces by helping guide our client through the legal forms and process, which will save you much time and frustration. We do this by helping move your uncontested divorce case through the court as quickly and efficiently.

In many of our cases, our clients do not even have to go to court to get their final decree of divorce. We help our clients avoid court when possible by preparing and executing the necessary documents to avoid a final divorce hearing in court. We are also experienced with more complex issues in uncontested divorces — and routinely help guide our clients through the process of putting complex asset and custody arrangements into a legal document the court will approve.

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Although a final court hearing is more common with complex divorce cases, it is still not uncommon for our clients to receive their final decree without ever having to go to court. If your case is complicated or you are having difficulty reaching an uncontested divorce agreement, we strongly advise our clients consider mediation. We help choose the mediator that we feel will be most fair to you and will facilitate agreement. We also can usually schedule the formal mediation session in our office or in a neutral location that you will feel comfortable in.

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It has been our experience that when both of the parties truly want to reach an agreement that mediation usually works. Give us a call at to arrange a confidential consultation with one of our attorneys.