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That this process is frightening and can make parents feel like they no longer have control over when they see their children or the power to make decisions regarding their children. Our firm is here to help parents establish and protect their rights to their children. We can help you make sure that your voice is heard. The laws concerning custody and time-sharing are constantly evolving. She has years of experience dealing with family law matters and will be able to advise you to be able to protect you and your children.

We strive to provide the best representation in family law matter.


Whether you are going through a difficult divorce or are trying to get greater time-sharing with your children, we can help. Our firm understands how desperately you need someone you can rely on and trust in these situations. Our understanding of this is why we specialize in our firm. She specializes in family law matters.

Rebecca is patient, compassionate and willing to take as much time as necessary to make the process as easy for you and your family as possible.

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Divorces are not one size fits all processes. Each divorce is between two different people, with different property, debts and may or may not involve children.

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Due to this our firm tries to approach each divorce in a way to quickly identify what is important to each client and efficiently go about making that happen. In other situations, the long road of trials and hearings is the only way to reach the goals our clients have.

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This difference has created two different types or approaches to divorces. For many people, a contested divorce is the most emotionally devastating event of their life. During a divorce, you have to decide how to divide marital property and how your children are going to be cared for both during and after the divorce. In many cases, the parties cannot get along well enough to even have rational conversations. Having the right divorce lawyer can facilitate communication and make this process as easy as it can be.

The Respondent then has 20 days to file his or her answer to the Petition. The nature of the Respondent's answer and the couple's original agreement dictate the next steps in the divorce.

If the Respondent agrees with all the terms laid out in the Petition and does not contest the Petitioner's action for divorce, then he or she may file the Entry of Appearance Waiver in addition to a Divorce Settlement Agreement. You can use Rocket Lawyer's easy interview process to complete your Divorce Settlement Agreement , which allows you to divide property, assets, debts and liabilities as well as settle matters of child support, custody and visitation.

These forms allow the Respondent to avoid service because he or she agrees with the Petitioner completely. The settlement agreement and waiver explain the terms of division and distribution, and if the Petitioner and Respondent are in complete agreement then each one separately may file the Mandatory Case Disclosure.

The disclosure stands as an overview for the court, explaining their debts and assets and the terms for divorce.

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If the Respondent contests any of the terms laid out in the petition, the Petitioner must serve him or her using certified mail, a professional server, the sheriff or a warning order of attorney meant for someone who has left the state of Kentucky. The Respondent must reply within 20 days of service with an answer outlining their stipulations.

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If the couple can reach agreement after the Respondent has said his or her piece, then the Petitioner files a Notice-Motion-Order to Schedule Hearing. The deposition explains the grounds of the no-fault divorce or of the non-military allegiance, if there are conditions that would be considered grounds in another state, such as adultery ; it also explains that an agreement has been reached.

The Finding of Fact explains that the couple meets the resident requirements, the couple is in fact married, they have lived apart for 60 days, the marriage is broken, and there are no children. If there are minor children involved under the age of 18 , there are additional forms to complete. The court considers the well-being of the children first and foremost, which can change the divorce process. A Note about These Instructions While following these instructions does not guarantee you a divorce, it does provide a basic outline of the procedures that occur within the state of Kentucky.

Kentucky Divorce Laws

Because each county has different rules for divorce, it would be in your best interest to hire a lawyer or go to the county Clerk's office and make sure you have all the correct forms. Each county in Kentucky has its own standard procedures and the makeup of your no fault divorce could change depending on where it is filed. Legal Advice in Minutes. Related Documents Affidavit of Consent. Customers love us. All the legal help you need.

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