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Family history search lets you search for records that fall outside this period. The restriction is from the date the event was registered.

This may not be the same as the date of the event. Records about living people are kept secure. When you start a search, first choose the index you want to search by selecting 'Historical' or 'Events at sea'. Example : you search for a birth registered on 12 April If you conduct your search:. The 'place of event' is a tricky search criterion - often it has been entered with an abbreviation. Leave it out if you're unsure or having trouble finding your entry. Click on an entry to see the summary for that record. You can access the full record, if you choose to, after payment.

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Records of marriage bonds dating back to the mid s are available through the Nova Scotia Archives. Marriage records between the years indicated below for each county to are also held by the Nova Scotia Archives. Civil death registrations were recorded in Nova Scotia between and , and began again on October 1, Death records of persons who died before are held at the Nova Scotia Archives. Birth certificates of deceased persons born less than years ago or married less than 75 years ago cannot be issued for genealogy. Death certificates can be released if the death occurred more than 20 years ago and the deceased would be 75 years of age or more.

A search of records covers a three year period and includes the year prior to and the year following the date of the event provided in your application. If a record is not located, a search fee will be charged. They were subsequently numbered as Volumes Volume 44 also includes some records after As Deputy Registrar in the office of the Registrar of the Bishop of Australia during the years to , Henry Kerrison James compiled from sources available to him chronological registers of baptisms, burials and marriages from to No other record of some of these events came into the possession of the Registrar General.

The chronological registers which are numbered 1 baptisms , 2 burials , and 3 marriages , often contain less detail than any other available record of the same event. As from the date of recognition of each of the other denominations the ministers were required to send copies of their records annually to the Registrar of the Supreme Court. These records were transferred to the Registrar General in Prior to some children born in New South Wales may not have been baptised and some persons who died may not have had a church burial.

Even after some events were not registered due to time limits since removed and factors such as distances from townships and failure to appreciate future needs. Divorce was not possible under New South Wales law until and undoubtedly this meant that some persons who wished to marry were unable to do so.

For historical information and other sources on baptisms, deaths and marriages, this guide may be of interest. We have a microfilm copy Reels of the original index which is held by the Mitchell Library. The Index is believed to cover all relevant extant records relating to New South Wales from , except for the Newcastle Register and the Methodist Church records, and selected records to Later entries are from tombstone inscriptions and the most recent from news-cuttings and relate only to comparatively few families.

A list of the records included is at the beginning of the index, and further information is available from the Mitchell Library.

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If a child was not baptised there might be no record of its birth. It being essentially necessary that regular Returns should be transmitted annually to England of the Exact state of the Population of the Colony, and that regular Accounts for this Purpose should be kept in the different districts and Parishes throughout the whole of the territory, of all Births and Deaths.

His Excellency the Governor accordingly directs that exact and correct registers shall in future be kept by the several Chaplains … of all Births and Deaths that may occur in their respective Parishes or Districts, transmitting regular Quarterly Returns thereof to the Principal Chaplain at Parramatta, from which he will make up a general one to be laid before the Governor …".

The total number of women in the Colony is about one thousand four hundred and thirty, including Officers and free Settlers wives: the number of married among them, is three hundred and ninety five and unmarried one thousand and thirty five — these in general are living in open Prostitution. The total number of legitimate Children is eight hundred and seven, and the number of natural Children, one thousand and twenty five…". In the early colony, marriages were of two kinds, either by licence or by the publication of banns.

The licence was granted by the Governor as there was no Bishop of the Church of England in the colony.

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Most marriages followed the publication of the banns in a church on three successive Sundays. Convicts were married by banns having first obtained the Governor's permission. You appear to be sensible of the Importance of promoting the Increase of Marriages in the Colony; and, undoubtedly, the very great proportion which appears to exist of illegitimate in comparison with Legitimate Children, leads to the conclusion that a proper System for advancing this grand object has not been adopted. From the Circumstances of the Colonists, and the Numbers that go out leaving their Wives or Husbands in England, and the Disproportion between the Sexes, it must be extremely difficult to remedy the evil complained of; but I have understood that sufficient Pains have not been taken with respect to the Disposal of the Female Convicts on their first arrival in the Colony, and that they have been indented to improper Persons in order to ease, as soon as possible, the Expense of supporting them by Government Rations.

The Impolicy of this System is so obvious that I trust you will not persevere in it, but in every case endeavour to make the Reformation of the Female Convict and her regular Settlement by marriage a Consideration superior to the saving, for any short period, the expense of maintaining her. It is arranged alphabetically by surname and subject. Convicts had to obtain permission to marry from the Colonial Secretary. There are also instances where correspondence relating to the marriage of free people was kept by the Colonial Secretary.

Records relating to marriages are listed under the names of the parties. Item list:.