How to track a sprint cell phone

Normal phones, as well as smart phones, can be tracked using this app.

How to turn off Location Tracking on iPhone & Android mobile devices

Can be used to locate a phone after it has been lost or stolen. Real-time location of your family members can be seen on an interactive map. Get notified if any of your family members are not where they are supposed to be. Can locate up to 4 Sprint devices accurately. All the charges will be directly updated in your Sprint bill which you get on a monthly basis.

How to Locate a Sprint Phone Using Sprint Family Locator You can either directly install the Sprint track my phone app from Google Play Store, sign in and then add and locate your family members or you can even follow the method given below to know how to track a Sprint phone. Step 2: Choose the method of billing.

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Step 2: Click on the add button on the "My Family" tab. Step 3: Select "Add a phone from another Sprint account". This is why several users lookout for an alternative to the Sprint Family Locator app. Alternative App to Track Sprint Phone — Fast and Efficient Since there have been several complaints of users not being satisfied by the Sprint Family Locator app, they can opt for the best alternative which they can find.

The location tracking feature of FamiGuard is very accurate and effective. You can get the location of the Sprint phone in real-time. The location history of the Sprint phone can also be checked at the required time intervals. By Jenson Walker Posted on Jul 24, Updated: Oct 15, An excellent content writer who is professional in software and app technology and skilled in blogging on internet for more than 5 years.

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Sprint Phone Locator

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