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Lockdown lifted on 2 Fairfield schools after police detain suspect. Free VIN checks typically list any accidents where an insurance claim has been made, in addition to the registrations by state and the type of title the car has.

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This is the most basic of free VIN checks you can do. Now, one note of caution here: Neither the free sites nor the pay sites are perfect.

Use the CARFAX search as one important tool, along with a vehicle inspection and test drive, to make a better decision about your next used car. So it is possible that a report could show no accidents, but the car has clearly had major repairs.


This would be likely if a repair was self-paid, rather than having been run through insurance. Worse yet, the seller is not required by law to be honest about the condition of the vehicle. Whatever representations they make about the car can be false. Visit ASE. In the aftermath of any major hurricane or widespread flooding, you have to worry about flood cars entering the used car market.

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Knowing how to read the VIN could help you make an informed decision before you buy. The infographic below provides a simplified look at a sample VIN.

Keep in mind that vehicles manufactured before might have fewer characters than today's standard VIN of 17 characters. As shown above, the 10th character of the VIN indicates its model year.

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The 1st character in a car's vehicle identification number indicates the country in which it was manufactured. Building Report.

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