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Assembly began process of drafting Const, moving toward full independence. Iraq failed to comply. Iraq did not withdraw.

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Parties alleged "grave breaches" of Geneva Conventions, 1st Additional Protocol Art 2 ; specific violations of laws of war Art 3. Daya Perera appointed to chair special commn, start investigation immediately. Australia requested France carry out such measures by avoiding testing nuclear weapons.

Embassy in Teheran. Claims Tribunal processed nearly claims in 3 Chambers 3 arbitrators each , decided corporate claims first, individual claims last; settled 2, smaller claims en masse, on individual basis; dism'd bank claims on jurisdictional grounds; decided cases. Pres Reagan announced U. Nicaragua asked ICJ to reactivate proceedings. Schurbel, Oda, Shahabuddeen, JJ, filed separate opinions. Honduras did not oppose discontinuance.

Schwebel, ICJ judge U. Gov't insisted Vincennes fired in self-defense during attack by Iranian gunboats after giving repeated warnings to unidentified, hostile plane.

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Iran requested U. Gov't notified ICJ it would participate in case. After break-up of Yugoslavia, widespread fighting, rape, torture, death camps, "ethnic cleansing". Presentation of extensive testimony awaited. Gov't: Senate restaurant employees sought exclusive bargaining rights; Sen, Sen restaurant admr harassed, discriminated against CEOG members.

Sexual Assault and Related Offenses

Gov't recognize for collective bargaining purposes organizations representative of workers employed by U. Gov't: violation of trade union rights: enforcement procedures of U. Gov't replied: complaint fails to provide specific information that U. Gov't should inform Comm of final subcontracting complaint decision; 5 U. Gov't should inform Comm on measures taken to improve labor relations at Enoxy Coal Corp, especially Pevler coal mining complex. Gov't replied: replacement worker doctrine NLRB v.

Gov't should transmit specific comments on alleged suspension of current collective agreements in VA, refusal to grant check-off facilities to independent unions in TN; 5 Louisville, KY, U. Naval Ordnance Station taking 4 yrs to settle collective agreement not conducive to sound industrial relations. Gov't: violations of trade union rights: U. Gov't replied: U. UN Compensation Commn attorneys: Khader eligible under Commn's mandate to compensate all victims of Iraqi "unlawful invasion and occupation of Kuwait.

Jordan requested help from UN.

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Iraqi Kurds began fleeing toward Turkey, Iran, totalling 1. Work proceeding. Pls sued for damages. Parties agreed to arbitrate. Pls raised int'l law, liability of secret services, tort law, damages. Parties agreed to limit spread of nuclear weapons by preventing their introduction into Latin America; to use exclusively for peaceful purposes nuclear material, facilities under their jurisdiction, to refrain from participating in testing, use, manufacture, production, possession or control of any nuclear weapon.

Duration: permanent.

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Case moot as to U. Border Patrol conducted lawful search operations for undocumented aliens. Commn filed for de novo review. Honduras announced it would comply. Def did not respond. See - State Dept espoused Pls' claim, demanded payment from Def. Def testified not now member CPUSA, refused to answer questions, refused to invoke 5th Amdt privilege against self-incrimination.

Sen Foreign Relations Comm.

Defs filed motions to dismiss charges: Gov't misconduct, including: 1 suppression of evidence; 2 invasion of physician-patient relationship; 3 illegal wiretapping; 4 destruction of relevant documents; 5 disobedience of judicial orders; confidential meetings between Ehrlichman for Pres Nixon and Byrne, DJ, offering J important Gov't admr position. Shortly before 2nd indictment, U.

Atty sought extradition through State Dept. State Dept made only informal extradition request; held that conditions imposed by Rhodesia amounted to recognition. Late Def drove 3 Salvadorans to bus station; indicated: transporting illegal aliens.

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Head, DJ, denied 50 of 53 pretrial defense motions, including 1st Amdt, int'l law defenses, limiting trial to issue: whether Def's action of driving refugees to bus station furthered their illegal presence in U. Sen as part of Pledge of Resistance, Louisville; arrested. At arraignment, Defs announced intent to use Nuremberg, necessity, 1st Amdt defenses: freedom to speak includes freedom to be heard; today only way to be heard is to act.

Def pleaded guilty: accessory after the fact to murder. Def entered fed'l witness protection program.

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Fed'l law prohibits U. Pres certifies Chile has taken "appropriate steps" to bring those indicted to justice. DJ denied necessity defense, allowed "mistake of law" re Gov's Sanctuary Proclamation. Def obtained counsel, appealed. Jury trial: 9 blacks, 3 whites.

Def proceeded pro se, asserted denial of counsel, called witnesses. IRS sought to enforce summons on DC: Def exposed to prosecution in tax returns, would not be further exposed by providing information on assets; Def not referred for prosecution although IRS refused to grant immunity.

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Lake Resources-Def's co pleaded guilty to felony theft of Gov't property. Def pleaded guilty. Defs forfeited bail; Def-Mangan filed motion raising int'l law to justify protesting unlawful U. Defs appealed. Jury convicted. Remanded for new trial. Atty dropped case. Def argued 9-yr-old bar letter no longer valid, entered base legally: base open to public for open house.

Pet refused, sent letters to Pres stating he would not register. Abiding by their "passive enforcement" policy, Selective Service sent several letters to Pet. Under "beg" policy, DoJ tried to persuade Pet to register or face prosecution. Pet refused; indicted: failing to register. Powell, J Brennan, J diss. On retrial Pet pleaded guilty. DJ dism'd charges against 2 Defs. In jury trial: 1 Def convicted; sentence: probation.