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Instead, it pops up one or two seconds later, making it seem like a realtime notification — an impression reinforced by the alarm clock icon. To be clear, it is not realtime, and there is no reason to delay its display other than to trick you:. This is a valuable piece of information that can be used to estimate at what rate these rooms are being booked. By a Gott -like argument see Algorithms to Live By for an excellent explanation , if the last booking was made 4 hours ago, you can estimate that a room is booked about every 8 hours.

Plenty of time to relax and compare your options. Kudos to Booking for at least providing the actual information in a tooltip window I wonder what regulations make them do that , but not all users will hover to read it, and even then, something that you experience a badge popping up will probably take precedence over what you later read. If other people are actively booking this property, it must be good. Of course, the person who made a reservation 4 hours ago has not yet visited the hotel and so probably has little more knowledge than you. Their decision to book is probably to some extent influenced by the same red badge.

This situation, where everyone relies on everyone else to have accurate information, is also well described in Algorithms to Live By. Instead of listening to people who have just booked the property but have not yet visited it, we should turn to those who have been there, right?

But Booking. There are quite a few crappy hotels out there, especially on the cheaper end of the spectrum. These are the hotels you and I would want to avoid, but if we did, Booking would not make money on them. From its Booking. And why is this warning hidden in the fine print instead of being a big red fucking badge?

Also, I should have read the fine print. Or the reviews. The full list of reviews is available from a separate page, e. Changing currencies is not yet supported on our mobile website, so please download our award-winning app! We've seen time and time again that rates drop at the last minute, as the rooms may otherwise go unsold.

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But we work hard to ensure the rates you see on HotelTonight are the very best price you can get for that hotel at that moment, which we back up with our HT Guarantee. The hotels we feature on the app are always changing, so if you see something you like, and want to lock it down, we say go for it. If you're feeling extra flexible and want to wait 'til same-day to book, you do you.

Either way, you win. Depending on the city, you can book up to a week in advance, for stays up to 5 nights, or up to days in advance, for stays up to 14 nights. You'll see the date range available for each city when you're choosing your check-in and check-out dates. You might feel bad about procrastinating at work or in school, but we celebrate last-minute decisions here. You can book a room in advance, but if you're booking for same-day check-in, do it by 2am.

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On the iOS app, you can lock down up to 4 rooms in a single booking. These rates are even lower than the already-discounted HT rate, and may not be available to all users, so if you see one, we suggest snapping it up while it lasts. To save you time, we wanted to use something more illustrative than star ratings. So we handily devised our own categories to highlight not just the service level of each hotel, but also its overall vibe. And we screen all our hotels, in all categories, so you can rest assured that you're staying somewhere great. An upscale hotel with stellar service, lavish amenities and serious comfort, for when you're feelin' swanky.

A stylish, sometimes quirky hot spot that's as popular with in-the-know locals as it is with travelers.

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We're different from other hotel-booking services for many reasons, but chief among them is our preference for quality over quantity. We don't work with just anyone. We do a ton of work behind the scenes to vet our hotels, and we'll even kick them off if they don't meet HT booker standards.

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And we don't bombard you with an overwhelming stream of options. Hotels compete to appear on the app, and only those that meet our standards — and offer the best value — make the cut.

We toast to our users for snapping up such great deals, but then we get right back to work to add more rooms to the mix. If we have appropriate additional inventory, we'll display it. Our ratings come from HT users who've booked on HotelTonight and given the hotel a thumbs up or down after their stay, via the in-app ratings screen. We average each hotel's rating into the number you see displayed. We don't display ratings when a hotel hasn't yet received enough feedback.

As soon as a hotel's reviews reach a critical mass, we'll get the rating up there, stat. When adding a hotel to HotelTonight, we keep it real and include balanced information we think users should know when considering booking a room. Once a hotel is available on HotelTonight, we closely monitor guests' feedback, looking into negative reports and adjusting the hotel's info as necessary.

If we receive multiple complaints about a hotel, we will remove it from the app.

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Because if you're not feeling it, we're not feeling it. The hotel needs a credit card on file for incidentals, like late-night minibar raids no judgment. The amount of the temporary hold placed by the hotel on your credit card varies and typically is removed within business days. It should appear as "pending" when listed among your card's transactions. Note that guests who provide a debit card at check-in may find a temporary charge on their account rather than a hold.

This will be refunded by the hotel, usually within business days, assuming there are no legitimate incidental fees. Also note that some hotels do not accept debit cards. Good eye! As you noticed, we've translated the app and many, but not all, of our hotel profiles. We started with our most popular internationally-traveled destinations, and will translate additional cities as we expand and gain even more users across the globe hint: spread the word. If you've got questions about a particular hotel, you can reach out to our multi-lingual customer support team at any time. Our comparison rate the one you see crossed out next to HT's rate is determined by finding the lowest rate listed on major online travel sites during the period the room was available to book on HT.

If no online rate is listed, the comparison rate is the price the hotel previously loaded on HT for that date. Some hotels never discount their rooms anywhere! The price you see will always be the best available rate for that hotel.

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And as always, you get the same ease of booking a quality hotel in 10 seconds through the app. Hotel rates do fluctuate — but the rates you see on HT are the best available for that hotel at any given moment, so if you see something you like, book it before it's gone! It's simple: share your invite code with your friends, relatives, frenemies, etc. You can get and share your code by tapping 'Invite' or 'Invite a Friend' on your device. Note: inviting friends is not yet supported on our mobile website, so to invite people, please download our award-winning app!

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Check out our Campaign Terms page for all the details and terms. Actually, yes. If you're using the program legitimately to invite people, you won't even notice them, but here's the fine print: You cannot invite yourself. You cannot invite anyone who uses the same credit card as you do.