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Algard, who started WhitePages.

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More than 25, invitations to block parties have already gone out, using the service, Algard said. Said Powell via email Friday: "We are really excited about this new offering and have had some great feedback from users so far especially those utilizing it to organize National Night Out.

But Dumas said: "I'm a bit surprised that National Night Out is tooting the horn of this new resource. Maybe it's fine in a perfect little town that has no problems and everyone is friendly and everyone is looking out for each other.

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Unfortunately, that's not reality. The Neighbors service is a new spin on the old-fashioned reverse phone directory, where people could look up an address in a phone book and find the associated name and phone number.

Companies such as Haines produce print and online reverse directories costing hundreds of dollars, or thousands if a multi-user license is involved. For the most part, our revenue comes from advertising on our site, with some premium services Caller ID offered through our mobile applications.

Online Service Reveals La Jollans' Names, Phone Numbers Via Address | La Jolla, CA Patch

Powell says WhitePages Neighbors can help residents protect themselves by providing "everyone with an opportunity to learn their neighbors' names and how to reach them—whether it is just to meet them for the first time or in case of an emergency. For people who don't want their neighbors contacting them, she said, "WhitePages offers the only online directory where people can publish, change, make private or remove their contact information entirely.

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One reviewer in Seattle says the service lacks accuracy, and Powell responded: "We work hard to keep our information up to date and, thankfully, our users help us by updating their own listings. However, if someone moves or a buys a new home, there may be a short lag time before our records are updated. I will then zoom in on that house on Google Maps and see if I can get a good idea of how this person lives.

In this world, there is good and there is evil. The Internet does not discriminate between the two.

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