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Photocopy of driver's photo ID bearing signature. Privacy laws prevent providing you with a driving record other than your own without that person's permission. If you are requesting a record as an employer or because of a pending court case, you may be permitted to receive the record based upon the criteria of the Requestor Release and Affidavit of Intended Use. This form may be printed from our website and submitted with the appropriate fee. Colorado is an open records state and this information is available to the public. This link will take you to a search engine where you will enter search criteria into one or more fields.

This number is up to six characters long and is numeric. This is the primary means by which the department identifies offenders. Checking the check box will search the database 6 months prior to and 6 months beyond date entered. For example, if you enter Mar, the search will also turn up Martin, Martinez, and so on if it matches the other criteria you selected.

Will sealing a record in Colorado leave traces of my arrest?

Do not hyphenate between two last names; run these names together. This page will provide you with the instructions and forms necessary to Petition the Court to Seal a Criminal Record. A separate civil case must be filed for each court case record you want sealed, unless both a county court case F Case and a district court case CR case were established as a result of the same offense. Please review filing information located on the Denver District Court website. This page will provide you with the instructions and forms necessary to Petition the Court to Seal a Criminal Conviction for offenses involving controlled substances.

Any person in interest party to the case may petition the District Court to seal criminal conviction records by filing a civil action in the county in which the criminal conviction record is filed.

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  • Colorado Record Sealing.

Read the instructions carefully before filing any documents with the Court. Skip to main content. Records Information and Links. The following is provided to direct you to the correct agency: Background Checks: Colorado Bureau of Investigation CBI is a division of the Colorado Department of Public Safety and is the central repository of the criminal history arrest records for the State of Colorado only. Colorado Court Records: CoCourts.

Driving Record Letter of Clearance: Colorado Department of Revenue The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles maintains driving records that reflect activity posted to the record for the past seven years. Locate an Offender: Colorado Department of Corrections This link will take you to a search engine where you will enter search criteria into one or more fields. Sealing of Criminal Conviction Records: Colorado Judicial Branch This page will provide you with the instructions and forms necessary to Petition the Court to Seal a Criminal Conviction for offenses involving controlled substances.

A record seal is never guaranteed. Typically, the process of getting a Colorado record seal involves the following six steps:. The judge may take a few days or weeks to determine whether to grant an order to seal. Once the agencies receive the order in the mail, the person's criminal records should be sealed within about 30 days. The court will mail back a letter outlining the reasons why the petition to seal was denied.

The person may be able to correct any mistakes on the petition to seal and re-submit it. If you have a criminal record in Colorado, contact our Denver criminal defense attorneys at v for a FREE consultation. We may be able to get it sealed or expunged. Sealing your criminal records will greatly increase your employment opportunities.

Legal Grounds for Expungement or Sealing

It will also put you on a more even playing field with your friends and colleagues. Arrested for DUI in Nevada? The attorneys at Shouse Law Group bring more than years collective experience fighting for individuals.

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We're ready to fight for you. Shouse Law Defense Group has multiple locations throughout California. Click Office Locations to find out which office is right for you.

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  8. Close X. Colorado In-Depth It is normal to be frightened and overwhelmed following an arrest. California Nevada. Offenses that may be sealed include drug crimes , petty offenses , municipal violations, underage alcohol and marijuana offenses, underage drinking and driving UDD , and juvenile offenses. The record sealing process in Colorado typically involves obtaining copies of past police reports, filing a petition with the court, and paying a filing fee. What is a record seal in Colorado?

    How to Seal Your Criminal Record

    Sealing versus expungement 2. What is the advantage of getting a criminal record sealed? What criminal records can be sealed in Colorado? Arrest records 3. Conviction records 3. Petty offenses and municipal violations not related to drugs 3. Drug crimes 3. Juvenile and underage convictions 3. Deferred Judgments 3. Unsealable convictions 4. When can I get my criminal record sealed in Colorado?

    If I get a record seal, can I say no if someone asks me if I have a criminal record? How much does it cost to get a record seal in Colorado? If I am eligible for a record seal, will a judge definitely seal it? How do I get my criminal record sealed in Colorado? How long does it take to get criminal records sealed? What if my petition to seal is denied? Can my criminal record be partially sealed in Colorado? Sealing versus expungement Sealing makes a person's criminal record invisible. Arrest records An arrest is just the beginning of a criminal case, and many arrests never result in a conviction.

    Conviction records In Colorado, convictions for most petty offenses, municipal violations, and drug crimes are sealable. The eligibility requirements turn on the specific offense and the length of time that has passed since the conviction: 3. Juvenile and Underage records In Colorado, "juvenile" means under 18 years old, and "underage" means under 21 years old.

    Colorado Expungement Law

    People who committed certain crimes while juvenile or underage may be eligible to get their records expunged or sealed: 3. Note that the records in this case would be totally expunged. Note that this rule applies to convictions prior to July 1, Note that this rule applies to convictions on July 1, and after. Juvenile records People with juvenile records can usually get them expunged if the following three conditions are true. Deferred judgments When defendants have pleaded guilty to most offenses as part of a straight deferred judgment, they are eligible for a record seal once they have successfully completed it and the case gets dismissed.

    Unsealable convictions Criminal convictions for any of the following crimes can never be sealed in Colorado: Sex crimes DUI Class 1 misdemeanor traffic offenses Class 2 misdemeanor traffic offenses Class A traffic infractions Class B traffic infractions crimes involving a commercial driver's license Therefore, people convicted of these crimes may not get their records sealed.

    Immediately after age 21 Juvenile records Up to five 5 years, depending on the circumstances. Typically, the process of getting a Colorado record seal involves the following six steps: Obtain records. Obtain criminal history. Complete the appropriate forms. Third, the person has to fill out the appropriate petition to seal forms. File the petition. Once the forms are filled out, the person files them with the appropriate court which is usually the court where the case occurred. For example, a criminal case heard in Denver District Court could also be sealed by that same court.

    Court reviews the petition. The court will then either accept or deny the petition. In some cases, the court will schedule a hearing before deciding whether to issue an order to seal. Send orders to agencies. Call us Legal References C. See C. People, P. Wright , 43 Colo.