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Family Court is responsible for maintaining the records of the Family Court in the manner designated by Court Administration.

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Within this record keeping function are maintenance of the cases, submission of statistical reports and receipt and disbursement of alimony, child support and other payments to be made through the court. The Real Estate Department is responsible for filing and maintaining all legal documents that pertain to real and personal property in Newberry County. These documents may consist of deeds.

Mortgages, contracts, leases, power of attorneys, plats of property, right of way easements and many other types of documents. These records are available to the public between the hours of A.

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Monday through Friday in the main courthouse located at College Street. Documents may be recorded between the hours of am and pm.

After that date, support payments currently made by obligors to Newberry County Clerk of Court should be made payable to the South Carolina State Disbursement Unit and mailed to:. The federal government has banned access to certain government benefits like food stamps for individuals with certain convictions on their criminal records. For example, anyone who has been convicted of food stamp fraud or anyone convicted of a felony drug offense is ineligible to receive food stamps.

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Public housing can also be hard to secure for those with certain criminal convictions in their past. Anyone who was evicted from federal housing for drug-related crimes or who has shown a pattern of alcohol or drug abuse can be barred from receiving public housing assistance. Additionally, sex offenders are also barred from admission to an array of public housing assistance programs.

Another way in which certain criminal convictions can have ripple effects in other aspects of your life is how felons lose the right to vote.

South Carolina Criminal Records

The law in South Carolina says that convicted felons lose their right to vote but can regain that right once they have completed the probation or parole that accompanies their conviction. The law in South Carolina and many states say that if a person has been convicted of a felony, a violent crime or a crime of domestic violence, then he or she is not allowed to possess a firearm. In cases where a person is under a domestic order of protection, he or she is also not permitted to possess a firearm, though this exception can be lifted once the order has expired.

Beyond South Carolina law, convicted felons need to worry about federal law, which clearly says that anyone convicted of a crime punishable by imprisonment of a term exceeding one year is barred from possessing a gun. It also bears mentioning that both the state and federal bans on firearms applies not only to guns, but also ammunition, a detail that has been known to trip some people up.

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In the state of South Carolina, drinking and driving is a serious offense that can yield strong punishments and heavy fines. Even jail time can become a punishment for DUIs, given severe enough circumstances. Arrest records are documents created by law enforcement officials that cannot be altered after their creation.

The people of South Carolina have the right to inspect public records. Greenville County is the most populated county in South Carolina.

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Its county seat, and the most populated city in the county. Richland County is the second most populated county in the state. The largest city in the county is Columbia. Its largest city and oldest city is Charleston.

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Because of state FOIA laws, civil, family, traffic, and criminal records are all public to the people of Charleston. The largest city in the county is Myrtle Beach. Criminal records, civil records, court records and more are available to the public by law.

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The sixth largest county in the state is Lexington, which holds its county seat in the city of Lexington. Public records here are available to the citizens of Lexington by law.