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Did for me. Thanks Jackie. Maybe it's not there due to the older sbc and not att dotnet email? The only sprocket is above the page, but is on the browser, not for email. Dang it. I do have u-verse though. Thank you for the suggestion. I may call them tomorrow. Just to clarify, I have checked options on both my email addresses.

One I use the 'classic mail' the other, the later updated version. So if I can set up secure email I would do that instead.

How to Chat From Yahoo Mailbox

Next to your username in the upper right, you will see a gear. Click on that and Mail Options should appear in the dropdown menu. Thank you very much for this info I found by chance after googling Yahoo mail's problems with service. It is about time they deployed this much-needed feature. I was about to switch providers because of yesterday's security lapse but now am rethinking that decision. Thanks again. I'm another Yahoo Classic user and don't see it.

I'd like to know if Classic users will get this, too, so I know whether to bother checking periodically to see if it's been rolled out to my account yet. Two Yahoo users I know had their accounts taken over and used to transmit spam to people including me! In both cases, I recommended to them that they change to Gmail. One listened to me. So it says it prevents "others accessing your account at internet cafes"… Is this even necessary if i am not working on a wireless network??

Saying that the user HAD to "upgrade" their e-mail account before this feature was available would have been helpful!! Graham, how about updating the piece to show it only applies to those using the updated version and not Classic.

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It is also not shown in the BT mail my. I had to look for the cog wheel but had no problems after I did this. Yahoo just changed the look of the mail program and I'm still not used to it and not sure I like it but no choice except to change to another mail program and not ready to do that yet. I am an ATT. NET user and am wandering around many screens in Yahoo and ATT but have not found the pages referred to with the mail options.

If someone can figure this out from a log in with URL, and post it, it would be most appreciated.

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You well always have to enter your password to get in your mail,you can't just check the box Keep me signed in. Hover over the "gear" at the upper right on your yahoo email screen. Click on "Mail Options" The Options tab will appear. Don't have to click it.

You will already be in the General Settings page. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Not available via BT Yahoo Mail, or so it would seem. Yahoo mail is coming up with error 15, what does this mean? I can't access my account since I turned on SSL. No way can you e-mail Yahoo help, none of their 'suggestions' help either. How can I remove the ssl and reverse back to the original yahoo mail. As of April 19th, Yahoo has been rolling downhill fast.

Most of my e-mail options and most icons everywhere are gone!!! When I bring up mail, only half a screen shows when I have tons of mail.

Yahoo Mail down? Current status and problems | Downdetector

I have looked at the mail options, looked at changing text fixes, etc. I use Firefox FYI. Also, lately I have been seeing strange syntax strings on the login page, bottom left. They are not the normal yahoo string sites. I have scanned everything for all types of stuff. Running BitDefender, did not pick anything up. The other odd thing on Yahoo is that while reading mail the screen turns black for a nanosecond and comes right back. Last time when I used it, it would not let me sign out and after waiting for 9 hours, it said trying to load page.

I hate Yahoo, sorry. Tried to even e-mail customer service weeks ago, never heard back. Their home page is too small and their news is arranged so weird. I am going back to G mail, glad I am not a shareholder in this expleted company. Thanks for this.

But people shouldn't forget to click "Save.


And also that the change can be confirmed with the padlock icon in the browser. I know it should be obvious, but some people might miss it — like I just did. Only realized after I didn't see the padlock icon. There no longer seems to be a print view in the new mail. The only way I can see to print an email is to print "everything". Click the "X" in the upper-right corner of the Yahoo Messenger window to end any open chats and close the window. Will Conley's writing has appeared in print and online since Publication venues include Salon.

Using Yahoo Mail? You should turn on this privacy option as soon as possible

Will studied journalism at the University of Minnesota. He is working on four fiction and nonfiction books. Skip to main content. Resources 1 Yahoo: Mail. About the Author Will Conley's writing has appeared in print and online since Accessed 08 November After typing in your email address, you will receive a security code, so type it in the box that will appear after you click Next.

Microsoft asks that you fill in the forms from a device you previously used to log into the lost account, if possible. Also, we advise you to try your best to submit all the details as accurately as possible. Fortunately, Facebook does have its own process to recover your account, but it requires that you still control the registration email or a phone number associated with the account.

Click To Tweet. After choosing the email address option, you will receive a 6-digit number.

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Enter it in the box below. Should you no longer have access to the email account used to create your Facebook profile, unfortunately, you will not be able to regain access to your account this way. Sadly, you will neither be able to access your account by typing in your phone number, as Facebook suggests sending you a code via email. Even though this practice involves a little more effort, the good news is that you can recover your account from actually using another account. Either ask a friend to help you with this, or just make a new Facebook account and do it from there.

This is a very useful feature since even though you changed your password and recovered your account, the malicious hacker is still logged into your account and can continue to post from it.

If after following these steps you are still unable to access the email you used to register your account, then chances are your Facebook account is lost for good. Next up, you will be asked for the registration email or verification phone number associated with the account. Twitter will then send you a link via email or a verification code via text message to reset your password.

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In the next screen, Twitter will ask you to enter a new password. This will take you to a screen that asks which account are you currently trying to recover. Type in the Twitter account you lost access to. Next, after you provide your Twitter ID. Instagram has advanced account recovery options available only from its mobile app.

The desktop one only offers password reset settings.

Find missing email in Yahoo Mail (2018)