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Only selected cemeteries. Collection located in cabinets 8—9 in genealogy area. The majority are copies of original family records, such as those found in the family Bible, but some contain transcribed family information or copies of published lineages.

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Some non-English records have not been translated. Entries not found in the bound books are available by call slip only. This index contains cross-references to other surnames some but not all listed in the same entry—to help researchers better identify family clusters. There is no charge for this service but we strongly recommend using the form provided and sending a self-addressed stamped envelope with your query.

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Records: Data sheets in 22 binders on New Jersey residents who emigrated from the state in or before the 19th century. Filed alphabetically by surname. Finding Aid: Not needed. Records: Miscellaneous family notes, compilations, and correspondence regarding primarily New Jersey families. Finding Aid: Card index arranged by surname. Also includes information arranged by geographic location.

Index located in drawer 4 of cabinet 10 in genealogy area. Records: Materials on families in northwestern New Jersey. Note: There are two categories, notebooks and folders. These folders may be copied if desired.

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These folders are not stamped. Records: Research papers and correspondence of Eleanor Bloomfield. Records: The collection is primarily the work of Virginia Alleman Brown, — A librarian by profession, she was also a noted genealogist. She carried on the work of her mother Helen Potter Alleman and some of the items in the collection are those Virginia inherited from Helen.

These might include fewer families following traditions, greater acceptance in the religious community, an affordable death care option, and a more transient, mobile lifestyle. These all may play a part in why cremation averages percent across the country, with some states higher and lower. So is cremation services in New Brunswick NJ right for your loved one? This state is one of only eight across the nation that requires you use a funeral director to handle cremation and burial.

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In addition, cremation services in New Brunswick NJ are carried out at a cemetery that owns a crematory and is licensed to operate it. While you can call a funeral specialist upon the death of a loved one, there is a 24 hour waiting period before cremation can commence.

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New Brunswick NJ cremation services handled by a funeral director go more smoothly than other states. This funeral specialist plays a key role in ensuring that all protocols are followed, particularly legal paperwork. The director arranges transportation for the deceased from place of death to the crematory. They file the death certificate for your loved one as well as secure any necessary authorizations before cremation services in New Brunswick NJ commence.

The funeral director can also help the bereaved next of kin prepare the obituary, arrange for funeral or memorial services and even arrange embalming if it becomes necessary. The typical traditional funeral consists of a casket interment within the earth after a public visitation or viewing has taken place as well as a religious ceremony.

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New Brunswick NJ cremation services offer a lower cost alternative to this. Of course, there are additional costs such as an urn and public viewing and funeral service should you request them for your deceased loved one. Keep in mind that cremation services in New Brunswick NJ do not preclude any funeral rituals. Rather, it simply takes the place of a casket burial in the ground.

Consider this: the human body starts the decomposition process immediately following death. If you want a traditional funeral with casket burial in a cemetery, you basically have to act fast.

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Embalming is typically done in order to ensure the deceased looks presentable for public viewing. Skip to content. Siperstein died Sunday.

She was Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle. Inquirer Morning Newsletter.


Sign Up Inquirer Morning Newsletter. Siperstein is survived by her partner, Dorothy Crouch; three children; and five grandchildren. Never Miss a Story. We Recommend. Frank B.

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